Prices and conditions Senior Service

Prices and conditions Senior Service

Prices including VAT. We reserve the right to change our prices without notice.

Read about RUT tax deduction.

Senior Service 245 SEK/h with RUT

490 SEK/h without RUT

Care, Repairs Services

Beautify Your Home (Cleaning Service)

Kitchen and Meal Services

Clothing Care

Everyday Care Services

Help with computers / mobile phones / tablets and other consumer electronics

Writing and reading of letters

Banking (either at home from the internet or at banking offices)

Hospital and dentist visits

Planning assistance in everyday life

Keeping in contact with relatives

Outings and errands


Pet care


Drop off / pick up from activities

Shopping expeditions in town


Travel Help

Help with consumer electronics

Public Home Care Help

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Housekeeper 245 SEK/h with RUT

490 SEK/h without RUT

VivBon offers an experienced housekeeper

VivBon offers an experienced housekeeper that takes full responsibility of your household.

You can hire our housekeeper full-time or part-time

The housekeeper’s main tasks and responsibilities:

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Hotel Senior Service 440 SEK/h

At all hotels in Stockholm

Care and assistance when staying at a hotel

Visiting Stockholm? Do you or a relative need extra help or assistance when staying at a hotel? By booking VivBon Senior Service we will assist you during your stay.

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Hairdresser at home From 600 SEK

Costs for eg. coloring etc. are added.

Home visits by hairdresser

Need to cut your hair? We offer home visits by hairdresser in Östermalm and Stockholm city center.

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Home Doctor Visits 1 950 SEK

Home delivery: 200 SEK + medicines

Home visits by doctors in the evenings and weekends.

Home visits by doctors: 1 950 SEK

500 SEK / extra client at same visit.

Holidays: 1000 SEK additional cost

Home delivery of medicines 200 SEK + medicines

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Book a dentist at Home Varies

The service is free for 85+ or those with a dental certificate.

Home visits by dentist at Home

VivBon offers home dentists along with AMA Dental mobile dental care at home for our customers. We offer excellence in dental care for seniors and patients in need of extra support. AMA dental performs almost all kinds of treatments that are otherwise offered at a physical clinic. For the best possible dental care, we always use the latest technology.

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  • VivBon Senior Service

    About the Service

    VivBon AB offers Vivbon Senior Service, a service in and around the home. RUT deductions are to be made when the service is carried out at home or alternatively terminated in relation to one’s home. If the service is performed in a different location than at home, RUT deductions will not be made. RUT deductions are made directly upon purchase and are 50% of working hours. Any additional costs such as travel, other supplies and the like are not included in the RUT deduction. If the client is 65 years and more can she/he purchase household services for 100,000 kr / year and make RUT deductions of 50,000 SEK / year. Client under 65 years can she/he purchase household services for 50,000 SEK / year and make RUT deductions of 25,000SEK / year. If the client exessed the yearly amount of 100.000/50.000 the client may transfer the excess amount to another person in the same household. If this does not occur then VivBon AB will require the excess amount.

    VivBon holds a F-tax slip and pays VAT and pays tax and social security contributions. VivBon AB has a liability insurance for accidents and damage during the work permit covering 10,000,000 injuries to Trygg Hansa. Employees have work-related insurance via Fora.

    Types of Services

    VivBon Senior Services are per hour.

    Booking is made on a regular basis, the minimum amount is 10 hours per month with a minimum of 2,5 hours per session.

    Full-time / Part-time payment in advance, the following discounts are offered on the basic price (See price list):

    60h / month 10%

    110h / month 15%

    160h / month 20%

    Period of Commitment and Termination

    Monthly customers or full/part time with advance payment must give a months notice before termination. For occasional booking there is no notice time. Cancellation must take place 24 hours before the service is booked. If a cancellation is not made in the requested time period, the booking is non refundable and the customer will be charged the full amount.


    VivBon employees have signed a privacy agreement to protect the integrity of the client against external and public data protected by PUL and GDPR.

    Payment and Billing

    Regular monthly customers are billed monthly. The invoice is based on reported hours from the prior period.

    Occasional bookings are paid in advance and cancellation must be done 24 hours before if the money is to be refunded.

    Full-time, Part-time payment in advance is booked and paid the month before the occasions and any deviations are corrected on the next invoice or refunded if the agreement is terminated.

    Booking Extensions

    For current monthly customers who wish to extend their time period will be charged in the next invoice. Occasional bookings that require an extended amount of time will be billed immediately after the service.

    Full-time, Part-time payment in advance, the extended time will be invoiced at next following invoice.

    Payment Method

    The client can pay via Swish or account/debit card or via paypal/invoice.

    Paying in Advance

    PayPal (No billing fee)
    Swish (No billing fee)
    Invoice (No billing fee)

    Ongoing Monthly Invoice

    PayPal (No billing fee)
    Swish (No billing fee)
    Invoice by email with 10 days net (No billing fee)
    Invoice by mail with 10 days net (Billing fee 50 SEK)

    Duration Agreement

    The agreement may be terminated by both parties under the heading “Period of commitment and termination.” Should the client be dissatisfied with the staff, said staff will be replaced or an alternative is agreed upon.

    Force majeure
    External events beyond the control of the parties, which are not only temporary, and which prevent execution of the mission, entitle each party to terminate the assignment without compensation for any other party.

    Disputes arising out of this agreement shall be resolved in a general court.

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