Our Strengths and benefits – VivBon Senior Service

VivBon Tessinparken 5
VivBon Tessinparken 5

Our Senior Home Service can be customized depending on your needs in order to enrich your daily life.

Our Strengths

  • We are locally based and are close to you around Östermalm and the centre of Stockholm

  • We come to you- not the opposite

  • Above board Insurance Services

  • We are fully insured with a liability insurance covering damages up to SEK 10 000 000

Your benefits

  • You will be allocated one person that will help you.
  • 50% tax deduction (RUT) on the price. If you are 65 years and over enjoy a RUT-deduction of SEK 50 000
  • Great protection and consideration for your privacy
  • The Senior Service is tailored to your unique specific needs
Tessinparken, 115 57 Stockholm, Sverige


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