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VivBon Senior Service and Family Service

Virtual Family Assistant

For families who need support in everyday life.

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Virtual Home Assistant - VivBon 2
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What is a Virtual Family Assistant?

We help with everyday life at a distance and make sure that your family's everyday life flows according to your wishes.

We book a meeting with:

  • We book and manage the children's activities.
  • Doctors, dentists and other healthcare related meetings.
  • Social gatherings such as lunch, dinner and parties.
  • Hairdresser and beauty treatments.
  • Book and organize activities.
  • Gym times, personal trainer as well as golf and tennis times etc.
  • Online shopping.
  • Deliveries and couriers.
  • Errands.
  • Escape, train, boat and bus travel.

In everyday life, we ensure that tasks with home suppliers such as cleaning companies, craftsmen and home services flow smoothly by having contact and ensuring that tasks are performed and follow-ups.

We have contact and follow up:

  • Home service
  • Craftsman
  • Cleaning company
  • Gardener
  • The rental association / housing association
  • Travel companies and other logistics companies

What does a virtual family assistant cost?

You book a virtual assistant in hours according to your needs and costs 500 SEK / hour.

Minimum 2,5 / day and minimum 5 hours / week.

Book Virtual Family Assistant

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